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CNC machining center

Aug 21, 2012

The Viva 5-axis CNC machining center from Solid Wood Systems is designed to tenon, cut-off, drill slot and mill elongated solid wood parts, thus replacing multiple machines and operations, according to the company. Features include: the ability to machine identical, symmetrical or completely different parts, and the option of loading and unloading parts manually, if necessary.

CNC Software Inc. of Tolland, CT, developer of Mastercam software, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Mark and Jack Summers incorporated the company in 1983. "Ours was developed with the machinist and the design engineer in mind," said Mark Summers, president. "I was a machinist, and I will always be a machinist at heart.

"I think CNC Machining Parts will open doors that have previously been closed. The name of the game is speed-to be able to process your parts as fast as possible at the highest level of quality. If you're not doing that, it's only a matter of time before you're done," Fries says.

All 11 tools that are needed are in the 30-tool ATC. "Between the control and the ATC we've got a cycle time of 28 min, whereas the previous method took twice that long," Foster says. "The 290 psi [2 MPa] throughspindle coolant feature makes a real difference. www.hydraulic-saivs.com
 We can take a flat-bottom drill at a rate of 4 ipm [106.6 mm/min] and pop the center hole through the stainless in 7 sec. Without the through-spindle coolant,we couldn't do that. It would heat up so quickly that the tool would burn into the material.